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Serving the Latter-day Nation of Israel

About The Israelite Foundation

The Israelite Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving the latter-day nation of Israel​. We are not an Israelite camp or church organisation, but rather a community of Israelite believers in Messiah focused on the following goals:

1) Edifying our fellow Israelites concerning their identity, history and destiny, and their responsibilities to The Most High in covenant with him;

2) Facilitating fellowship and cultural awareness among our people; and

3) Building a strong and unified latter-day nation of Israel.

One United Nation is dedicated to building a strong and unified latter-day nation of Israel through capacity-building, community development and organisation, and cross-camp networking and collaboration.

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Events Across Our Network

We're an active organisation and regularly hosts events across our three arms. These include:

1) Celebrations of New Moons, Sabbaths and Appointed Feasts;
2) Other community activities and cultural events; and
3) Educational activities, including: classes, seminars and training sessions.

Click on the button below to learn more about our various events and schedule of activities. ​We look forward to meeting and fellowshipping with you soon!

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We know coming into knowledge of the truth is an exciting time for many; but for others, it's a tough transition with a lot to learn and adjust to, and plenty of obstacles to overcome!

Whether you have unanswered questions about the scriptures, you'd like to learn more about our organisation, or you're simply looking to connect with fellow Israelites-in-the-know... we are here to help!

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Royal Heritage is dedicated to
facilitating fellowship and cultural
awareness among the children of
Israel through the celebration of their
unique culture as The Most High's
chosen and ​holy people.

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Awaken O Israel

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Our Three Arms:

Awaken O Israel is designed to help
bring the children of Israel to a full
understanding of their identity,
​history and destiny, and of their responsibilities to The Most High
​in covenant with Him.​

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Our Media Library

We've compiled all of our teaching materials and other media into one convenient location for you!

Through our media library page, you can access every article, scriptural study and
commentary published across our network. Materials are available for download in text, audio and audio-video format as applicable, and you can request the delivery of print versions here, too. All electronic and print materials are provided free of charge.

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Welcome to The Israelite Foundation...

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving the latter-day nation of Israel​.

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